Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

ESSENCE – ‘What's your FRUIT MOOD’ Trend Edition

This summer enjoy delicious fresh fruit and not just to eat or drink. How about watermelon, grapefruit and coconut on your skin, nails and body. essence "What's your FRUIT MOOD?" is available from mid-June exclusively at Kruidvat.

What will the summer bring us

We do not know what the summer will bring us this year. Can we go abroad? Or will this year's summer vacation be one at home?

It is so uncertain, but one thing we do know for sure and that is that essence will come again with a new Trend Edition! So looking pretty, we certainly do this summer!

Trend Edition from Essence

A Trend Edition all about fruit and who doesn't love it? Fruit to eat or drink. But of course it can also be on your skin or your nails.

"What's your FRUIT MOOD??"

Sweet watermelon, refreshing grapefruit and exotic coconut – this trio suits summer as well as sun, sea and sand! Inspired by these three superfruits, essence is launching the new Trend Edition "What's your FRUIT MOOD" in June?"- with bright colors and fruity, summer fragrances for face, body and nails to put us in an ultimate summer mood!

Discover it with me from the middle of June

Whether you're enjoying a sunset on the balcony or a picnic in the garden – with the primer, fixing spray, nail polish, lip balm and co., you will find everything you need for the summer vibe! Now it's time to explore:
"What's your FRUIT MOOD?"essence "What's your FRUIT MOOD?"will be available exclusively at Kruidvat from mid-June.

What's in this fruit mood collection?

Jelly primer

Wonderfully refreshing – and the perfect base for any makeup! The fruity jelly primer with a delicious, sweet watermelon scent immediately puts you in a good mood. This primer makes foundation last longer and creates an even complexion thanks to its soft-focus effect.

The caring gel texture also offers a cooling sensation, for a boost of freshness in summer! Suggested retail price £2.59

Be The Coolest One In A Melon!

mini scented nail polish

Cindy Lauper already sang about it years ago; ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ and that is now possible with the two nail polishes in the Trend Edition altogether! Not only do they catch your eye immediately – the summery colors also have a delicious scent. As refreshing as grapefruit or as sweet as watermelon!

The mini’s turn your manicure into an absolute summer highlight for all senses and are guaranteed to find their place in every beauty bag. Suggested retail price £1.59

  • 01 Let's Melong Together!
  • 02 Be My Main Squeeze!

Grapefruit lip balm

This mini grapefruit is so sweet you almost want to eat it! And the contents also convince – with a caring lip balm that gives lips a subtle red tint and a delicious grapefruit scent to put you in summer moods. Suggested retail price £1.99


// 01 Grab The Fruit!

Mini lip set

Matte or glossy? Or both? Whatever you choose this mini lip set in a cute pouch is exactly what you need, because it offers two different colors, finishes and summer scents: the highly pigmented, matte liquid lipstick enchants you with its sweet coconut scent and the super shiny jelly lip gloss refreshes with powerful grapefruit.

For beautiful lips with a feel-good factor! Suggested retail price £2.59

what// 01 Let Your Moods Swing!

Refreshing all over mist

Body spray is just what you need on a hot summer day! The ultimate body spray from essence has an invigorating grapefruit scent that provides the perfect boost of freshness on hot days – now even afternoon dips don't stand a chance in high summer temperatures. In addition, the body spray with SPF 25 protects against UV rays and is ideal for your handbag.

Simply spray it on the desired part of your body – and feel optimally refreshed! Suggested retail price £2.99

Fruit Up Your Energy!

Mini fixing spray

For a long-lasting look – even on hot days. The superfine Mini Fixing Spray with moisturizing coconut water is perfect for travel and fits perfectly in any handbag. The pleasant coconut scent is super relaxing – as is the assurance that your look will stay intact.

Because thanks to the fixing spray in the practical mini format, eyeliner, blush & co. perfectly in place even in high summer. Suggested retail price £1.99

Keep Calm And Coco On!

Watermelon fan

How summery is this? Can you already see yourself sitting in the garden, having a drink and enjoying the sun?? Stay cool during hot summer days – because this watermelon fan provides a refreshing breeze!

With its cute design, it is also a real eye-catcher and gives every outfit that special touch. Suggested retail price £2.99

fruit mood

Mini brush set

This is easy – 4 in 1: four stylish mini brushes with transparent handles and pink metallic elements combine to form the ideal set for an easy beauty look. Most importantly, the super-soft bristles optimally apply powder textures and effortlessly blend any foundation. Now nothing stands in the way of a fantastic summer look! Suggested retail price £3.99

fruity mood// 01 In The Mood For Mixed Fruit

Makes you feel like summer

What a super cute Trend Edition is ‘What's your FRUIT MOOD’ from essence. I personally love essence products and am excited about this collection. Especially the Grapefruit lip balm and the watermelon fan, I absolutely love and let's face it, for the price you don't have to stop there.