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Disney’s live-action version of Beauty& The Beast

Last Tuesday I had the honor of seeing Disney’s live-action version of Beauty & Previewing The Beast. The familiar story of the beautiful girl Belle and the beast but played by actors in an enchanting setting and with the fantastic Disney songs. Coming soon to the cinema near you but I tell you in advance if you should go here.


Who doesn't know it, the enchanting story of Belle and the beast. I saw this movie as a child in the theater and then several times on videotape. Yes, that's how old I am.

Although I secretly found the Disney movies quite exciting as a child Beauty remained & the Beast surely one of the most beautiful animated films. So when I read that this movie was going to be re-released with real actors, I was very curious. I just hoped the enchantment of this movie came to life as much as I experienced it as a little girl.

Beauty & The Beast

Last Tuesday was the day. The movie is not in theaters yet but I got to see it anyway, in 3D version. I plopped down in the red cinema seats, settled in well with a coke and put on my 3d glasses.

I was ready for it.

Beauty & The Beast tells the story of Belle. A young, smart woman who lives in a village with her father but would like a little more adventure. When Belle is captured in the castle of the Beast she befriends the enchanted staff.

She soon learns there is more behind the Beast than just frightening looks.



Emma Watson as Belle.

As we have come to expect from Disney, the film is full of humor, enchanting songs and fantastic costumes and scenery. The famous songs from the movie all came by and were performed top notch by the actors. It surprised me that Emma Watson can actually sing.

I secretly knew her mostly as a little girl from the Harry Potter movies but she brings the role of Belle to life excellently.

Also Dan Stevens playing the role of Beast gradually makes you love the beast. The special effects are excellently done so you really don't feel like you're watching a ‘fake beast’. The same goes for the famous Mrs. Potts (Mrs. Teapot), Chip (the teacup) and of course Lumière (the candlestick) and Cogsworth (the clock). These I remembered very well from the animated film and had as much allure and humor as I remembered.

Secretly even much more.



Is the live-action version of Beauty & The Beast highly recommended? Yes indeed! I really enjoyed this movie and would definitely like to see it again. I love the enchanting Disney songs and secretly loved the role of Gaston immensely. (Read; beautiful but tad creepy man).

If you like Disney, action, romance, awesome sets and costumes and you want to laugh a little too, you should definitely go to Beauty & The Beast going.


Gaston (Luke Evans) and Belle (Emma Watson)

By the way, it is too exciting for young children but I think it can be done by 8 years and older.

Beauty & The Beast runs from 29 March in cinemas .

Are you also going to this great Disney movie?


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