Sat. May 25th, 2024

DIY Rocket & Rocket backpack

The little man is still in a huge tinkering phase. Every day my house is an explosion of markers, scraps of paper, tape and scissors. Every day I ask again; what do you want to do today? And every day the answer is; to craft.

I get the most impossible assignments and I always have to come up with them. It's a real boy so tough things have to be crafted all the time. This time I had to make rockets.

DIY Rocket ship

What do you need?

I made a rocket and a rocket backpack. You actually need almost the same materials for both DIYs;

  • 3 empty bottles
  • aluminium foil
  • cardboard
  • blotting or crepe paper in red, orange and yellow
  • glue
  • various colors of cardboard
  • ribbon
  • duct tape

For the rocket I packed a Coke bottle, wrapped in aluminum foil. Then I cut wings from shiny cardboard and taped them to the bottle. On the top of the bottle I made a point. I did this by cutting a red round paper to the middle and folding it to a point. At the bottom I glued a border of blue cardboard with ‘flames’ of tissue paper.

On both sides the rocket got a window of black paper and the rocket was ready. It looks very complicated but is actually quite simple to make. I tied a cotton thread to it and hung it on the lamp in the kitchen.

Our little man thinks he's totally cool.

DIY; Rocket backpack

Our little man often finds it necessary to run very fast through the house. Sometimes I even let him do it for a while to blow off some steam. Run ten laps around the kitchen. This works well, especially in bad weather, so he can lose his energy for a while.

In his game he often pretends to have rockets on his back from which fire comes out. So I thought it would be cool to make this for him. And so it happened.

Mama went back to work and made two rockets for the toddler's back.

I covered two plastic bottles with aluminum foil and taped them together with duct tape. I took off the cap of the bottle so that I could stick the flames in it. I cut these from long strips of tissue paper, as I did with the rocket.

Then I taped a gray ribbon to the rockets. Like the straps of a backpack. Within no time the little man had a cool rocket backpack on his back.

Now he totally could top speed running around the house.

rocket 2

Do your children also race through the house in bad weather?? What is your solution for that?

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