Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Stay-at-Home Mom-Then You always have vacation

Stay-At-Home Mom, Then You Always Have Vacation Anyway? Okay As A Stay-At-Home Mom You Are Home All Day. But Vacations, Like Being Sick, Can Never Do That.

AS A Stay-At-Home Mom, Always Vacation?

Certainly Not.


Looking Forward to the Vacations

How much i used to look forward to the vacations when I was Young. I Could Forget School at One Point because Those Days Off Beckoned. I was also really always ready for vacation, was also sick for a few days days the first week.

Just that I Needed to Recover.

Stay-at-Home Mom

I Have Been A Stay-At-Home Mom for Several Years Now. Something I Could never have thought of beforehand and which was not at all in my planning. I worked as a Team Leader at the Hospital and had a great time.

The Boys Went to Host Parents and This Went Well for the First Few Years. However, when this changed a lot and the boys needed more and more care due to their chronic illness, we decided it had to be differentent.

A One-Year Sabbatical

We Both Tok a Year's Sabbatical and Went Traveling for Seven Months. Duration this trip we realized that for the care of the boys it would be much better if i stayed home after the trip. There was no discussion about this, we both understood it.

I Used To Think, How Do Mothers Get Through The Days??

I Haven had a day of this.

This role suits me fine

Now I Don't Want To Stir Up Any Discussion About Being A Stay-At-Home Mom. I Fit Into This Role Just Fine And Am Happy With What I Do, but I also Know That For Many Others This would not be the Case. There are women who would hate to think about Being Home, Others would love to but but can't, and still Others would love to work so much, Apply for a job, but don't get one.

Busy with Many Things

Being Busy these days is very different from when I was working. Or course I look for it myself. I think about blogging. For two and a half years this blog site has existed.

Before that I had other sites but was less active with them.

Since I closed my practice at the end of December I have leg blogging full time. This is what I do. I don't need this.

But Here I Fill My Days.

I also help a lot at school. With Reading, Math, But also Driving to Trips. Except on School Trips, Then I Never Go Along.

Here is why.

Always on Vacation

I CAN Still Hear Myself Saying It; ’ But I Always Have Vacation Hear ’. Thank goodness it Doesn'tn'tn. I should go think about that. Sleeping in Every Day and not Having to Wear a Watch Because Time Doesn't Matter.

Time Matters.

Every Day at Twelve and Three I'm at School. As far as that goes, the freedom of bee a stay-at-home mom is not very big either, I don't come up much when the boys are at school or it has to be a hospital or dentist visit. Yet of Course I Can Manage My Time All By Myself.

When the Weather is Nice I Can Work Outside. I Put My Laptop On The Garden Table And I Sit And Work Under My Parasol. I have no travel time to work and in between i do the housework and get the groceries in.

I Need A Vacation

Where the children are really ready for vacation, I now also think more and more often; “ I am slippery when it is vacation.’ Well, or course we had two week of vacation in May, so we can't come alle complain. But I Am Just Super Busy. I Am Busy With Blogging Ahead.

My Sister and Family Are Coming on From America, Making Vacation Plans (We Are Never This Early), Arranging the Last Things For School.

So I'd Say Bring On That Vacation!