Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

The benefits of pilates and how it differs from yoga

During pilates you do exercises that improve physical fitness. Pilates is often done in groups, with the members of the group being taught the different exercises. The effect of the exercises is primarily to relax and improve posture. They also make you more flexible and powerful. And get a better sense of coordination. In short, your body gets better balanced. The effects of pilates are similar to those of yoga. The difference between pilates and yoga lies in the philosophy behind both forms of movement. Yet you can often follow both forms at the same provider. Like at this pilates provider in Breda.

Origin of yoga

While in pilates, you do exercises from the idea that it improves the condition of the body. Is the background of the exercises done in yoga comes from observations of nature. Yoga is also a movement science, like pilates, but originating in India and dating back thousands of years. The goal is to get a better balance between body and mind. During observations of animals it was noticed that they made all kinds of improper movements. Cats, for example, regularly stretch extremely when their natural behavior does not necessarily require it. Eventually it was discovered that these movements made animals fitter.

Translation to people

Initially practitioners tried to imitate the movements of animals. When they found that it made them feel stronger, the movements were adapted for humans. However, you can still tell from the names of the exercises which animals they are inspired by. Examples of those names are dog facing down, cat pose, cobra and so on. Over time, names of exercises derived from nature, such as the tree pose and mountain pose, have been added.

Differences between yoga and pilates

With pilates you have the choice to try both yoga and pilates. You will find that both forms of exercise have a positive effect or your body, even though there are differences between them. Yet it cannot be said that yoga and pilates are competitors. For some people yoga is more comfortable and for others pilates works better. A characteristic of yoga is that the exercises, which are held for a longer time, are combined with meditation. Pilates consists much more of exercises where you are constantly moving. That is much more dynamic.

Choose the form of exercise that suits you

Everyone who takes part in yoga or pilates once or several times a week will find it soothing. Through the exercises you get rid of much of the daily tension. Pilates allows you to choose the exercises that are most beneficial to you. For some it is yoga, and others experience pilates as a more enjoyable form of exercise. There are many variations to choose from. You could try Hot Pilates, where the exercises are done in an atmospheric exercise room over 35 degrees.