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My maternity week silicone poop and rusks

Thursday, August 27, our little girl was born. By now we are a good week on. The maternity assistant is gone, the worst of the rush is over.

We are nice with z’n four.

It was a special maternity week that went by pretty quickly.

A maternity week full of maternity bandages, rusks, poop notes and silicone. Just a quick overview;

– A week full of maternity pads. Size king size mattress. Emotionally then, because gosh those things are huge.

You almost feel like the princess on the pea.
– For days I felt like I had just been to Dr. Schumacher, where the surgery had just not turned out right. Pamela Anderson silicones are nothing like them. The husband loved it, although he was not allowed to look at it, let alone touch it.

Too bad.
– The first packs of diapers have gone through. Every diaper had to be inspected and noted down as well. It’s always nice to have a schedule from maternity care.

In the middle of the night with half an eye filling in whether she had pooped and/or peed.

I'm not going to miss that.
– Rolls of rusks and packs of pink mice we have put away. Not even because we had so many visitors but mainly because I like the rusks so much myself. When I ran out of rusks I even ate mouse sandwiches.

– A lot of laundry was done, in part because I only have a few sets in size 50. I mostly bought size 56 and that is really way too big. Also, the maternity nurse changed your bed every day.

You did not hear me complain.
– Three maternity nurses passed the revue. The first days I really had a topper in the house. However, she could not stay all week. Halfway through I got a lady who was allergic to cats.

Very practical in a house with two cats and two dogs.

So after an hour another one.
– Some 240 flags were strung on 60 strings, which were then stuffed into a pile of envelopes. All because the birth announcement is a flag line. Very cool idea but a bit of a chore to finish them all.

Luckily I had a super basting team for that.
– The little man traveled many miles to post the cards. He was a real mailman, with grandma on the back of the bike and with daddy in the cargo bike.
– A few thermometers went through it. I bought new thermometers but they kept giving very low temperatures in our house. Quite strange since we were really hot.

So it was a week of big numbers, special moments and getting used to the new family situation. Slowly we are trying to get back into the routine. I'm sure this will take a while, but hey, it will be blog inspiration.

Do you remember your maternity week?? Was it better or worse?

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