Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Home and renovations. It never stops?

With a house of your own you are always renovating, well always, but often. After all, there are always chores to be done, small or large. Maybe a visit to the home fair is not so bad.

Living in a room and renting

Twenty-three I was when I went to Australia for a year. Before this I occasionally lived at internship addresses but never for long periods of time. After this year of backpacking I wanted to live on my own. I found a very small apartment.

That it was small didn’t matter to me. As nice as I was at home, after a year of living in hostels, I loved being on my own. Over seven years I lived on my own. In different rented houses. ,

Own house

I thought it was super cool when my husband and I bought our own house. I found this so incredibly mature. The house looked good, so at first a lick of paint was enough and we could move into our new home in no time.

And then the rebuilding began

In 2011 we traveled for seven months to America and Canada. When we came back it was time for a new interior and floor. Other than that we basically left the house as it was then.

But a few years later we started to notice that the kitchen, toilet and bathroom were actually very dated and had to be renovated every year. Last year it was the turn of the boys’ rooms.

Your own house is never finished

Now our house is finally ours. Besides the interior, the kitchen, toilet and bathroom are also the bedrooms all to our liking and had the idea to be ready. Although there was still something we wanted to change after twelve years in this house.

Isolation can be learned

On the second floor to the attic are scrap walls. We initially painted this but it’s actually just not pretty at all. These were allowed out.

But when you start renovating there is always more to it than that. Now that we’ve taken down the paneling, the ceiling is also bothering us. We’ll take those with us right away.

So we insulate these at the same time and so the project, small at first, becomes quite a job.

Remodel my own house

Tip Home Ownership Fair

Did you know that there is an Own Home Show? This is this year from September 21 to 23