Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

What safe play kitchens must meet?

Children as young as three enjoy role-playing games. They do this pretty much all day long! You probably noticed that your child often imitates you. So they learn about the world around them.

After a few years, your child can play independently. Then play kitchens are ideal!

A play kitchen

A play kitchen is of course a lot safer than the ‘big people’s kitchen’, but at least as much fun! But what should you really look out for in a safe kids’ kitchen??

Boys mother and play kitchens

If you had asked me before, I would have replied that I was bound to become a girl’s mom. I love pink, braiding hair, real girl stuff so to speak. But things turned out differently and I became a boy mom. And that didn’t bother me for a day. I am and prove to be a real boy mom.

And even though a wooden toy kitchen never made it into the house, an article about safe toys definitely belongs on my site. Hence the focus on play kitchens, because a wooden kitchen is great fun for your child.

Solidly constructed

Good kitchens can take a beating. Young children’s motor skills are still developing. Over time they refine it, but they regularly drop something or knock something over. If you have a sturdy wooden toy kitchen, this will not be a problem.

With a safe play kitchen all parts are well secured and the kitchen stands firmly on the ground. A useful tip is to place the kitchenette against a wall. Then it definitely can’t fall over.

Safety mark

The CE mark on toys is a guarantee that they comply with European regulations on children’s toys. However, there is little control with this marking. If you really want to be sure your kitchen is safe, there are a number of other labels.

The British Standard BS, the German GS or the American ASTM give you more assurance about safety.

Wooden play kitchen

Wooden toys are generally very safe. But, especially the paint on wooden toys can contain harmful binders. For example, Hape is a brand that uses only natural materials. The paint is water-based and also meets strict quality and safety standards.

Sustainability is very important to them at Hape!

Beware of small parts

Choking hazard with small parts. Of course you want to avoid that! Also, you don’t want sharp edges on the wooden kitchenette. If it is made of wood, check for any splinters before letting your child play with it.

Especially if you plan to make the kitchen yourself. If you have a kitchenette that is plastic, make sure it doesn’t have a weird smell. Toxic substances betray themselves by a strong and unpleasant smell.

It’s not only nicer for you, but also safer for your child.

Kids kitchen accessories

Complete the play kitchen with all kinds of accessories. The more the play kitchen looks like the real kitchen at home, the more fun it is! As mentioned earlier, toddlers enjoy role-playing games.

Role-play is only complete with toy food, pans and an apron. You can also extend a kitchen in other ways. With wipes and cloths your child can keep the kitchen clean as well.

When your little one is a bit older, you can of course let him or her help in the big kitchen. Cutting vegetables is not as good an idea, but they can help wash vegetables or scoop everything onto the plates. Who knows, maybe there is a chef in your child!

Buying toys online

No matter how safe the play kitchen is, the most important thing is that your child enjoys it! A toy kitchen is incomplete without pans, lids and containers. Just like in a real kitchen. By the way, a play kitchen is also the ideal birthday gift. You give your child the play kitchen and other friends and family give the other kitchen accessories.

If they don’t become kitchen princesses/princesses.

Not every play kitchen is equally suitable to play with. Follow the tips above and be assured of a safe kids kitchen!