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Fidget Cube- better concentration with a fidget cube

When you want to concentrate, do you bite your nails, drum your fingers on the table or click the back of a pen?? Then the Fidget Cube might be something for you. Because this fidget cube will keep your hands busy making concentrating child's play.

How it works? You read it here.

Fidget Cube

If you thought, like me, that Fidget Toys were only for children, I can tell you that this is definitely not the case. Now there are different Fidget Toys, in many colors and shapes, but today I share here my experiences with the Fidget Cube from FidgetCube.en. With this fidget cube you can focus and concentrate better in class, in the office or at home.

And all in style. Because these Fidget cubes also look super cute.

Conscious or unconscious

Because whether you fidget consciously or unconsciously, in case of tension or out of habit, this anti-stress cube will keep your hands busy. There are so many people who have restless hands or legs which can manifest itself in clicking a pen, nail biting, shaking your leg, fidgeting with anything and everything. All of these distractions could possibly be remedied by the Fidget Cube.

Because with the Fidget Cube you keep your hands busy, so you can concentrate better. The Fidget Cube is small and fits perfectly in your hand, so others won't even notice that you are concentrating in this way, but it also fits perfectly in your bag.

What you can do with a Fidget Cube?

With this desk toy.Can distract your mind from stressful things while being (almost) completely still. The six sides of the fidget cube have different functions that keep you from clicking on pens. or picking at your nails. With this anti-stress cube you can

  1. Click (click): five buttons you can press to your heart's content. While three of them produce an audible clicking sound, the other two are silent for furtive fiddling in libraries, meetings or other quiet places
  2. Glide (glide): The joystick is reminiscent of a game controller and allows you to let your thoughts drift away
  3. Switching (flip): a switch like you're used to turn the light on or off with. When you put a lot of force you will hear a loud flip, but it can be done on subtle
  4. Breathe (breathe): based on the old-fashioned ‘care stone’; gentle rubbing can help reduce stress
  5. Roll (roll): this side is in drawing rolling; there is a metal ball and three switches that you can roll. You can also press the metal ball
  6. Turn (spin): a dial that offers the same soothing effect as before. Reduce your stress turn by turn!

(Information site fidgetcube.en)

Also for on the couch

I myself have the Fidget Cube next to me on my desk. I really like, when I am concentrating -especially when I am reading through long pieces of text-, to have it in my hand and while I am reading I concentrate much better by using the cube. I click, slide and twist. I find the most comfortable with my thumb on the ‘glide’ this really allows me to keep my focus.

I find that I work much more concentrated and also -and I am very happy about this- leave my nails alone when I have this fidget cube in my hands. Our son also really likes the Fridget Cube. It can be a bit hard to concentrate and keep focus with schoolwork.

He likes to hold the Fidget Cube and fidget with it.

fidgetcube Fidget Cube

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Fidget Cube

all functions in view

In the video below I clearly show all the functions of the Fidget Cube