Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

The advantages of a patio screen

Enjoy the sun to the full, but occasionally it is really too hot in the garden? And long for a little shade on your patio? A terrace screen can then provide the solution. And not only that, it has many other benefits!

A warm and sunny summer

It is summer again, and that means enjoying the sun in the backyard. Got a lot of sun in the garden? Then a patio screen can provide the ideal solution for creating more shaded areas in the garden, but it has even more advantages!

Different models of patio screens

Go for a patio screen in the garden? There are many possibilities with regard to terrace screens. So you have a standard patio screen, where the fabric is visible at both the top and bottom when rolled up. With a semi-cassette, the fabric is only visible at the bottom when it is rolled up. You can also go for the most extensive patio screen: the cassette patio screen. The fabric is fully protected in the cassette.

Pleasant indoor temperatures & outside

In addition to providing more shade in the garden, a patio screen also makes the indoor temperature feel a bit more comfortable on hot days. Sunlight and heat are kept outside. So it can be incredibly hot outside, but still stay nice and cool inside. In addition, a patio screen not only provides protection from the heat, but also from harmful UV rays from the sun.

Saving energy with a patio screen

The fact that a patio screen keeps the sunlight and heat out as much as possible is not only great for you but also for the energy bill. Because heat is blocked by the patio screen, you actually no longer need air conditioning.

A long lifespan

To create more shade in the garden, you can of course also choose a parasol. But a patio screen is much more durable in the long run. It lasts much longer due to its high quality and strong construction.

Enjoying your garden

Optimum enjoyment of your garden all year round! Enjoy the sun when it is present in the garden, enjoy being outside, as well as reading a book or eating dinner with the family, but in the shade. Because although I love the sun, I enjoy it most when I’m sitting in the shade!