Sat. May 25th, 2024

Harvest Moon: One World- Nintendo switch review

Begin your new life in a huge world! Manage a growing farm and discover a world full of adventure, diverse cultures and friendships in Harvest Moon: One World, for the Nintendo Switch. A game that becomes more and more fun over time.

Back in time

Just back in time, was my first thought when I got Harvest Moon: One World for the Nintendo Switch. Because wasn’t I also a total fan of Farmeville about ten years ago. After a first look, I also immediately loved Harvest Moon: One World.

But to be honest, I found the beginning quite difficult. That may be because of my age. But more about that later, first I will give a description of the game.

The Game. Harvest Moon: One World

Manage a growing farm and discover a world full of adventure, diverse cultures and friendships in Harvest Moon: One World for the Nintendo Switch.

A lost paradise

Once, long ago, there was a world that flourished under the watchful eye of the Goddess of Harvest. Creatures of all shapes and sizes could thrive in the natural landscape. Fruits and vegetables were abundant throughout the year. However, the people, once so grateful for the blessing of the Goddess of Harvest, have lost their respect for nature.

Fertile soil is nowhere to be found anymore and with it the Goddess also lost her powers. And yet she always believed that someone would bring back the fertile soil in the world…

He who sows shall reap

Grab the pitchfork and dive into farm life by harvesting crops and taking care of your livestock. Earn money by selling your goods and turn your modest farm into a thriving business!

One world

Discover a world full of adventure! Your journey will take you to five different regions’with the most diverse climates. Each area is therefore home to its own unique flora and fauna.

Green Fingers

Thanks to the Expando-Farm, a highly advanced piece of technology that you can take with you wherever you go, you can now create a farm anywhere you want! The people of each region adapted to the local climate. To thrive in your new home, you will need to learn how to maintain fields, grow rice or even care for reindeer!

In the Mash

Potatoes are still the only crop in this once fertile world. To get new seeds, you’ll need the help of the Harvest Wisps, but they’re not always easy to find… Seeds may also sprout differently in one area than in another, so be sure to experiment!

The seed of friendship

During your adventure you will meet and help all kinds of unique characters. Make new friends, visit local festivals and become part of the community step by step.

Get married to one of five handsome bachelor gentlemen or ladies and start your own family!

And now my findings

I am obviously not a real gamer and I found that out in this game. I already play Animal Crossing: New Horizons and I also like Harvest Moon: One World very much. Why? Because this is a quiet game, very different from the games my children play.

No flashy visuals or battles. No, building friendships, helping neighbors, discovering places, quietly doing some work enjoying everything that passes by. I pick up the Nintendo Switch every day to play and immediately notice how addictive it is.

In the beginning I had some trouble with the game. That might be the age and that I’m not that adept at playing on the Nintendo Switch. But the further I get into the game, the more fun it is to play.

Discover a new world

The game starts and you get an awful lot of explanations, where you are, what to do and then you start sowing and harvesting vegetables, fruits and flowers. You walk around a bit, come across Wisps who give you seeds, put some in the ground once in a while. Soon I thought ‘is this all?’. Until I went out and discovered the world.

I talked to residents of the different worlds, noticed more and more features, roads, but also got assignments and the game became more and more fun and enjoyable.

Stay tuned

What you have to take into account in the game is that you have to watch carefully where you plan what and when. But also what season you play in. Because not everything grows in the same place or season.

In the game, you have to take some time to learn, pay attention and then you will get further and further into the game. I really enjoy playing the game precisely because of the many challenges.

Quiet life in One World

A new game for the Nintendo Switch and as far as I’m concerned really a game for me. Although youngsters will certainly like this too, it might be a bit too quiet for the youngsters. The colors are somewhat somber, there are no screaming characters, no battles.

A game full of challenges, assignments and really occasionally a good search for what the next step is and that is precisely where the challenge lies.