Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

New Pokémon Snap- A game for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has again with a super fun game, namely New Pokémon Snap. A game in which you go from island to island to take the best photo ’ s and earn points. How the game goes and whether it is a bit appreciated, you read it here.

Go on an adventure with New Pokémon Snap

Go on an adventure in the Lental region and visit islands with highly different environments, from dense jungles to vast deserts! New Pokémon Snap is a brand new game inspired by the Nintendo 64 game Pokémon Snap from 1999. This Nintendo Switch adventure leads players from island to island for an ecological on-chat, where they have to photograph Pokémon to fill their own Pokémon Photodex!

How’s the game

Discover the truth behind the Illumina phenomenon. By traveling over the different islands of the Lental region. Hereby you explore varied environments and at the same time search for Pokémon with a special glow, to investigate this together with professor Mirror.

Search and look carefully in all directions, make sure you are ready to capture crucial moments. But beware, a Pokémon can hide or suddenly dive into the picture from the air! Each island brings its own habitats and challenges.

Let the professor review your photo ’ s

Take photos and let Professor Mirror review them. Save the best photo ’ s to fill your own photodex. The photos are assessed with scores on the basis of Pokémon poses, how large they appear on the screen, whether they look in the lens where they are in the context, and other factors.

You take the photo ’ s even more beautiful by applying brightness, blur, zoom and other aspects to your photo ’ s. And if you now want to keep the photo ’ s yourself, then that is also possible.

What do we think of the game

Here at home we all have our favorite games. I am currently very busy with Harvest Moon: One World, but we also like to play Super Mario Party. Especially because we can do here with the whole family.

The boys are of course seasoned Nintendo Switch players and always immediately realize how a game works. Now they were allowed to review New Pokémon Snap and although the game is not in Dutch, it is great to fray in English.

The explanation is clear. In the beginning it was a look at how you had to take the right photo ’ s, but because they got a good explanation about this, this went very well. It is a cheerful game, they really like to end up in different countries, but also the challenges to make the photo ’ s good.

It’s a lovely game, if I can say so.

Of course they also play shooting games like Fortnite here and when I watch and see New Pokémon Snap, I am already happy with the cheerful pictures, the clear explanation and the fin that brings the game with it.

A nice game

The boys think New Pokémon Snap is a fun and friendly game. They always love photography and although that is often LEGO in real life, this game is a real challenge. It really takes a while to take the right photo ’ s and that only makes the challenge bigger.