Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

A special gift for an anniversary. Create a magazine

Do you have someone in your family turning fifty, an anniversary at work or another occasion to present a special gift?. Then consider making a magazine. A magazine full of stories, pictures’s and more.

Fun to make and to give.

A gift for a party

Perhaps more than usual we feel the need to celebrate birthdays, parties or anniversaries more again. Maybe not right now and not very big yet, but the plans and ideas to get together and celebrate more are certainly there. Probably in the coming times – if we are allowed and able again – there will also be a lot of anniversaries and wedding days celebrated, and of course a special gift to go with it.

A special gift

A special gift, different, not the standard, come up with one! It’s been years since I made a magazine at work for a colleague turning fifty. How much we enjoyed making this magazine alone, let alone how fun it was when we gave it as a gift and saw her reaction.

Making a magazine for a special occasion is a very nice keepsake where you can put in a lot of information about the person, but also his or her family, friends and hobbies’s.

Making a magazine

Making a magazine can be a special gift for someone turning 50. Someone retiring or how about at a wedding. How fun is it to share with family or friends, stories, photos’s, quotes, poems, fun facts and figures & Matching facts of the person or persons for whom the gift is intended.

Collect, ask help from others and bundle it all in a magazine. A magazine can of course also be printed for a brochure, an association magazine, a thesis or annual report. After all, a magazine is both entertaining and professional.

Choose, look and create

So are your parents married 50 years, is there a special event in the life of a family member or a friend, come up with a special gift and make a magazine. A special gift for a special day. If you make a magazine online, you can easily choose your desired format and paper type. Also look at what binding method you want to use. Think of a magazine with staples in the spine or a durable wire-o binding.

Have your magazine printed according to your wishes and create a lasting memory.

Some more tips for a special gift

And are you looking for more fun and special gifts?

  • An ornament when your daughter graduates, gets her bachelor’s degree or driver’s license.
  • A calendar of the grandchildren for grandpa and grandma.
  • Mugs with pictures’s of the most beautiful places the birthday boy or girl has been to.
  • Your own stationery (if you just graduated) or business cards.

Choose your gift carefully

Whatever the celebration, birthday or anniversary, pick a special gift and choose it carefully. Think about what you are going to give and give something that reminds the birthday or anniversary person of you as well. If you make a magazine, you have fun making it and giving it!