Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

My Bullet journal and inspiration for the month of August

It is already August and so I show you my Bullet Journal. Not at the beginning of the month because we were on vacation, but a little later. Take a look at my planner of the month?

August, vacation month

The boys have had vacation since mid-July and the first week we were home, but in August we went away for three weeks. You will read an article about it one of these days, of course. But first my Bullet Journal because of course my planning will continue this month

Vacations are vacations

Since last year I actually go on vacation during my vacations and there are no articles online for the three weeks we are away. Also during the weeks when the boys are free, I blog less. Vacation is really vacation for me and in my Bullet Journal I wanted to reflect this as well and August could be a little cheerful on paper.

Flowers in my Bullet Journal

Since August is a happy, vacation month I decided to take as my theme this time ‘flowers’. As a cover for the month of August I chose an example from Pinterest. I really enjoy drawing only with pencil and then not coloring them in with pencil or marker. Often I like my drawing, but as soon as I color it, the effect goes away. I chose this cover because it felt like vacation to me.

Sitting on a bench somewhere quiet and looking at the surroundings.

August are light colors

The boys gave me stickers for my birthday and I used them in August. Lots of light summer colors and washitape completed the pages’s.