Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

The Spring/Summer 2020 collection from Bear & Mees

I already wrote this week that while we are still in thick sweaters, with hot chocolate and Christmas music, in fashion they are already busy with the spring and summer collections. Today's spring/summer collection from Bear & Mees. And how cheerful these children's shoes are.

Spring and summer collections

Earlier this week I showed the Spring and Summer collection of Catrice Cosmetics on my blog and back then I wrote that these summer posts can actually make me very happy. I love the Christmas season, but after January 1, spring is here soon or we need a really good winter, then I can't complain.

A collection that thinks about the environment

In fashion, the spring and summer collection is already hot again. Just a little longer, the stores will be full of summer clothes again. The environment is becoming increasingly important for companies and also Bear & Mees participates in this.

Cheerful shoes at Bear & Mees

Bear & Mees think it's cool to be nice. Kind to people and nature and present their collection with the Ocean theme. This theme showcases the fascinating underwater world through the use of cool prints such as crabs, octopuses and fish. Each sneaker is equipped with Velcro, so kids can easily put them on and take them off. Plus there is terry cloth on the inside so they can also be worn with bare feet.‚Äč

The Ocean Collection.

The premise of this theme is to address the plastic soup issue in the oceans. Therefore, the top of the shoes is made of recycled PET bottles. Once PET bottles are recycled, it goes through a cleaning, grinding and melting process that results in wire, giving the plastic a second life. The wire is woven into fabric where the top of the Bear & Mees shoes are made from it. Each pair of these shoes contains approximately 3 recycled PET bottles.

Bear & Mees shoes

The Bear & Mees shoes are GRS certified. The shoes are produced in Portugal and are available in sizes 25 to 34 and cost €69.00