Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

The hottest jeans trends for the new school year

At Jeans Centre it is ‘Back to School’ weeks, with great offers and a trendy collection. Ideal now that the schools honor start. At Jeans Inter you also find a lot of nice clothes for adults.

Choosing clothes

I might have expected it, though. Because boys can be fashion conscious too. But still I thought that especially girls would be so busy with clothes, Nothing is less true. From an early age the boys ’ve been choosing what to wear in the morning. I can’t remember picking out their clothes on a school day. And the first years, I could still influence the school pictures a little bit. These days I have no say in what they wear.


I used to be allowed to voice my opinion or buy clothes for them myself, but little boys grow up. They are really starting to develop their own clothing style and just want to decide for themselves what to wear. And I agree. Of course I can still get involved. If I really don’t like something or if it’s too expensive, I can say so and they won’t make a problem of it. They don’t hate shopping either, so I take it easy once in a while.

Back to school

On a rainy day during the vacations we went shopping. Ideal, in an indoor shopping mall in Hoofddorp where there is also a Jeans Centre store. The store stands out because of the green letters outside the door. It is a nice fresh store with friendly and helpful staff. I let the boys do their own thing. Meanwhile I could watch on one of the relaxing chairs in the store. Because I already had a look at the site online, I knew what to expect. Now there is more choice in clothing online, but also in the store they still had all sizes in stock.

Jeans and shirts

In any case, they needed new jeans. Their eye immediately fell on the Slim Fit Jeans from Garcia. These jeans are perfect for them with their slim fit. There are buttons on the inside of the pants so you can tighten them around the waist. The pants fit and look very nice. When they came walking in with a long fit shirt, I had to swallow a little bit. They are getting really big, those boys of mine and just go with the flow of fashion! The Long Fit shirts look very cool in combination with the jeans. The shirt feels nice and according to the boys wears very well. The shirt is also from Garcia and costs € 25,99.

Hip and cool

Other shirts the boys bought are also from this same brand. What struck me most about these shirts were the fresh colors and cool prints on them. Not only do kids succeed at Jeans Centre. I also bought a pair of Jeans and in addition to the women’s collection, the men’s collection is also very extensive. Together with the boys I had a wonderful shopping day and they go back to school well dressed. For Jeans Centre’s collection also check out their site