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There you are, with your big belly in the meadow in the shade. My horse is in the pasture for a while and I’m trying to keep my head and stomach cool. Small consolation is that my horse is even more affected by the heat than I am.

Blogging together in the shade then.

Our little man also had some trouble with the heat yesterday. It certainly didn’t make him any cozier. After a bad night’s sleep, he was done for a while. Mister was, to put it mildly, particularly unsociable.

He wanted very little and was not exactly amenable to reason. Mom had to use all her charm, and a lot of patience, to get through the day. That’s not easy if you want to take it easy yourself. At this point, 32 weeks pregnant, I don’t have the impression that there is much charm to be found with me.

Apparently the little man thought so too. He didn’t want to eat, just hang out and read books and especially none of what Mommy suggested. Even the little pool was not appreciated. Well then, as a toddler, you have it going on!. Later at preschool he couldn’t care less about it all.

While all the children were outside playing with water our aapie stayed inside with the teacher. He liked it, just done with the heat. The only solution at the end of such a long day is to go to bed! Kudos to the mobile airco for making his room nice and cool. So he quickly fell into a deep sleep and decided to sleep late this morning.

For his part. Normally he is jumping next to our bed at seven o’clock (which I wrote about before), but now he came to us totally zen at a quarter past eight. Yippie!

That also meant a good night for mom.

I just wanted to get to the stable a lot earlier to get my horse out before the heat. Mission failed. So now I am sitting, a little later than planned, under the trees in the meadow enjoying my handsome horse.

That is only slightly less intelligent because he is now full in the sun while there is plenty of shade. That will be a big shower for Mr. Fries.

Let’s see what the mood of the little man is today. Then enjoy under the parasol while the toddler, hopefully, plays in his little pool. Long live summer!

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