Sat. May 25th, 2024

Music during exercise, with earplugs that stay in place

Do you exercise with the music at? Music in your ears or the stereo at 10! If you have earplugs in while running and you always get confused with the strings, then I have the solution!

Earplugs without wire, but it works a bit?

Running with music

When I am running or at home on the exercise bike, I want music with me. Preferably a little exciting music. What I can go along with, in terms of pace.

Normally I always walked and cycled with earplugs that was stuck on my phone. This phone is stuck around my arm again. When I run I am in the knot every time with the threads of my earbuds fall out of my ear or they are completely tangled the threads.

Not ideal.

Jabees Bsport Bluetooth Sports Headphone.

Via smartphone covers.NL I found Jabees Sport Bluetooth Sports Headphone. Earbuds without cables. So nothing can get confused. The cable of the ears is behind the head and can make you tighter.

Because of the flexible ear hooks, the earbuds also remain firmly in your ears.

These earbuds are specially designed for sports, but it can also be done with it.


And it works during exercise

Charging the headphone is easy and fast. He is looking for a connection with your phone via Bluetooth. This goes with a cable.

You charge the headphone via your computer. Charged the batteries of the headphone will last a very long time.

The advantage further is that the earbuds do not fall out of your ears during exercise through the ear hook and through the string that you can tighter yourself. The headphone can be worn well with sunglasses. Highly recommended for every athlete who likes to listen to music while exercising.

Specifications of the Jabees Sport Headphone

  • To listen to music or to telephone
  • Specially developed for during exercise
  • Connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1
  • Has an NFC function for fast connecting
  • Is resistant to water, sweat, dust and shocks
  • Designed with a comfortable but sturdy ear hook
  • The cable carries you behind your head and can be pulled tighter
  • Contains two microphones for extra clear phone calls
  • Has buttons for the volume and next/previous song
  • With a multifunctional control button
  • Has a battery meter for iOS devices
  • The rechargeable battery lasts 100 hours
  • Can play music for up to 5 hours
  • Comes with clear user manual
  • Including micro-USB to USB charging cable
  • With extra eargels and a storage bag
  • Weighs only 20 grams in total
  • With 1 year warranty


In addition to these earbuds you of course have many more telephone accessories. accessories that are also very nice with sports. But also just for the fun! (I wrote an article about this before) I think a memory card with sufficient storage is very important. Here I can put all my favorite music and listen to my own playlist while exercising.