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DIY Olympic clay medals

We have been empathizing with the athletes in Rio for almost two weeks now. The men in this house like to watch the Olympic athletes, especially when there are medal opportunities. The Games are very much alive with the oldest so it was time for an Olympic Games DIY.

Together we made Olympic medals out of clay. Mister is very happy with it and wants to win a medal all the time.

Olympic clay medals

Somewhere in a shop I had already found plastic medals. One of those wonderfully cheap things that the little man enjoyed a lot. He turns everything into a competition and mom and dad also have the honor of receiving a medal from him.

Which we can then hand in again, but the idea is there. Because he now also finds the Olympic Games extremely interesting, we made Olympic medals from clay.

The little one at the Olympic Experience in Scheveningen

What do you need?

DIY; Olympic clay medals

– Self-drying clay
– Gold paint (possibly silver paint) – Ribbon
– Small round object, for example a cap
– A stick or pick

How do you proceed?

Knead the self-drying clay until soft, make a ball and flatten it. Then roll out the clay to a slice of no more than 5 millimeters thick. Use a wide glass or a cup to cut out a circle.

This is the base of your medal.

I gave the little man a paper clip and a stick to decorate the medal. For example, you can add a ‘1’ on, a name or just a drawing.

DIY clay olympic medals

On the other side of the medal we made the symbol for the Olympic Games. I showed my toddler an image and gave him a round cap. He started working diligently and made three beautiful medals.

With a stick I made another hole in every medal and then let them dry well overnight.

DIY Olympic medals from clay

Finally, the medals only needed a tan and a ribbon. I also let the paint dry for a night because I already provided large golden spots in our clothing. Then the ribbons could get through and Mr. could play with his clay medals.

DIY Olympic medals from clay

Watch your children the Olympic Games? Or does that not (yet) live with them?

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