Sat. May 25th, 2024

An atmospheric interior with the right light in the house

You want an attractive decoration in your home. How to get it done? Take a look at your lamps, what kind of lamps do you have in your house and what light do you normally opt for??

The right light creates an attractive interior.

Mood light, daylight or warm light

Light color determines how pleasant you experience light. This is expressed in color temperature. If the number is higher than 2700K the lamp gives ‘colder’ light.

The lower the number, the more atmospheric the light. Color rendering indicates how faithfully a color is rendered.

A color temperature, from candlelight to an old light bulb

Kelvin is the color temperature of the light. The Kelvin value can be used to represent the degree to which the light looks warm and cozy or chilly and unsociable. The color temperature of an incandescent lamp varies between 2000 and 3000 Kelvin depending on the dimming setting. Currently the warmest color temperature is 2000 Kelvin.

Kelvin 1200 is comparable to candlelight. Kelvin 2700 is comparable to a normal old incandescent bulb. Standard light stands for 5600 lumens.

The purpose of lighting

The main purpose of lighting is to make things visible. But the brightness, the color of the light and the design of the fixtures also influence the atmosphere of a room. Creating a pleasant atmosphere often requires a combination of different LED fixtures, lamps and spot lighting.

Depending on the purpose, a distinction should always be made between basic lighting and accent lighting. Also, in certain places, such as stairs and hallways, sufficient bright light is needed for our safety.

A relaxed or romantic atmosphere

The very warm color temperature of less than 2700 lumens is ambient lighting. It can be used to create a more relaxing or romantic atmosphere. The warm white light color of 2700 to 3300 lumens is recommended wherever it should be cozy and comfortable.

Therefore, it can be useful to install extra warm white accent lights in rooms with neutral white or cool white base lighting.

Lights for workspaces

Cool white is the perfect light color for rooms where work is done. A daylight color lighting is meant for workspaces with specific tasks because it improves concentration and performance. Light offers the greatest contrast between all colors and provides high color reproduction.

The light bulb gives the best light!

The light bulb is the most beautiful light there is. Even a halogen spotlight provides excellent ambient light, especially when dimmed. The almost orange light of a dimmed incandescent or halogen bulb is almost unmatchable with the artificial light of LED bulbs.

With the latest technologies, there are now LED bulbs on the market that approach the atmospheric warm light.

Choosing led bulbs for ambient light

Led lamps give a nice atmospheric light, but also warm light and daylight. Look carefully at the function. You need different lamps for your workplace than for the living room or bathroom.

Keep this in mind and bring mood lighting into the house with the right lamps.